RADCAM - Rapid Aerial Deployment camera systems is a cable suspended remote camera rig designed to make innovative and dynamic motion shots cost effective for a broad range of productions. RADCAM excels at action scenes over rough terrain or extended tracking shots with radical changes in camera elevation.  In addition to flying RED digital cinema cameras, RADCAM can be configured to fly most 35mm and HD cameras. Our system’s lightweight design allows for expedient setup and redeployment so that producers can maximize the system’s potential while on location.

RADCAM behind the scenes
       Percy Jackson               Squamish Commercial                  Far Cry                           Backyard Test

RADCAM is headed up by Peter Reynolds, who has extensive field experience flying cameras on cable rigs for over 25 years on major international commercials and productions such as:
Troy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Catwoman, Percy Jackson, Rockey and Bullwinkle, True Lies, Miracle on Ice, Happy Gilmore, Cat in the Hat, Multiple Winter & Summer Olympic Games, Multiple Winter & Summer X Games, Multiple Grey Cups.
This experience along with in-house engineering and fabrication allows RADCAM to offer the flying camera perspective affordably and safely to your production.

For information and bookings please contact Tony Dean at 604.218.3219 or tony@redrad.ca

REDRAD is in no way associated with Red Digital Cinema although we like and use their products.